Lyft Portland x Oregon Ballet Theatre

Lyft Portland x Oregon Ballet Theatre

As Oregonians, we’re surrounded by beautiful art every day. While we’re lucky to live in such an imaginative city, sometimes it’s hard to decide what to see next, especially if you want to try something new. Lyft Portland’s here to help! Through our partnership with Oregon Ballet Theater, we’re offering our passengers and drivers 2-for-1 discounted tickets for their upcoming spring show, Terra. Go take part in the beautiful traditions of classical ballet, but at half the price. Now we’re talkin’.

Terra combines elegant ballet movement with a story of strength, power, and vulnerability. Expressed through dance and original composition, the abstract narrative of earth and its’ creation of the joy around us comes to life. The show runs from April 13th-April 22nd. 

Get Discounted Tickets

  1. Visit
  2. Find the date and time you wish to see the show and select “See Tickets”
  3. Select the number of tickets you want (must be in pairs) and click “Get Tickets”
  4. Select seats
  5. Enter code LYFT at the top of the screen where it says “Enter Offer Code," and you should see the price change and say “Offer unlocked!” 
  6. Select “Get Tickets”
  7. The new total of the 2-for-1 discount will be displayed
  8. Select “Next” and finish payment process

As Oregon’s largest ballet company, OBT is rooted in the customs of classical ballet, with a repertoire that ranges from the great classics to some of the most exciting choreographic voices in the field today.

Whether you’ve been attending OBT’s The Nutcracker for years, or this will be your first time experiencing the expressive power of ballet, Terra promises to offer something new and exciting for everyone.  Enjoy!

*Photo above by photographer James McGrew, pictured are Martina Chavez and Candace Bouchard.

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