5 Things To Do In San Francisco This Spring

5 Things To Do In San Francisco This Spring

It's been a chilly and wet winter here in San Francisco the past few months, but the sun is coming back and the weather is finally warming up again. And that's something we think you should take full advantage of! Request a Lyft ride and check out some of our favorite things to do in SF during the spring:

1) Put Your Baseball Caps On

San Francisco's favorite giant panda is back which only means one thing: it's baseball season! Grab your gloves and caps and get ready to cheer on the Giants. Did you know you can also catch the game from the water? Rent a kayak and wait for the next home run ball to come your way.

2) Visit the Museum of Modern Art

The Museum of Modern Art is now coming up on a year since its grand re-opening. If you haven't been by yet, we highly recommend you go! Now with 10 floors and 45,000 square feet of public space, there's more room for exploring and appreciating the arts than ever before. Set aside a weekend and check out the SFMoMA's current exhibition.

3) Eat Off the Grid

Nothing satisfies the soul like a good food truck. And trust us when we say that you'll find soul-satisfying grub with Off the Grid. From poke shops to classic taco trucks, there's a variety of cuisines and menus to try. Now add the sun setting on a crisp spring evening and you might just have a picture perfect moment.

4) Get Your Costumes Ready

San Francisco may only be 7 miles long, but that's all the distance we need to host one of the craziest marathons in the nation: Bay to Breakers. And let's be honest, this race is not about your finishing time. It's about the costume. Get creative and join thousands of other San Franciscans who take part in this tradition.

5) Enjoy the Weather

We are in California, after all. The city is filled with parks of every nature (pun intended). Head to Dolores Park for some sun tanning and socializing, or escape the crowd and enjoy the quieter Bernal Hill. Even if you're in the middle of downtown SF, it's nothing that Yurba Buena Gardens can't solve. Regardless of your park needs, you'll find it in every nook and cranny of the city. 

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