Meet Evelyn: Philadelphia Driver, Musician, and Grandmother

Meet Evelyn: Philadelphia Driver, Musician, and Grandmother

Since joining the Lyft driver community seven months ago, Evelyn has risen through the ranks to become one of top drivers in the Philadelphia area. Evelyn, a grandmother and retired police dispatch at the University of Pennsylvania, has given more than 2,500 rides with Lyft. Here's her story.

Evelyn’s friend encouraged her to try drive with Lyft because she loves people and she loves to drive. After giving her first ride, she was hooked. Evelyn learned that driving was more than just taking her passengers from point A to point B. “I’m a counselor, I’m a mom, I love it. People need people; they need someone to talk to.” Evelyn recalls some heartfelt rides she has given including a groomsman late for a wedding and a husband going to visit his wife in the hospital.

When she's not driving, Evelyn sings in a jazz trio that plays venues around the city. She spends much of her time helping to care for her granddaughter, while also working to record a CD of her music.

Evelyn’s advice for someone thinking about driving with Lyft? She says, “Be safe, have fun, and drive ‘til your wheels fall off!”

Thank you Evelyn! You are such a wonderful part of the Lyft community in Philadelphia!

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