Lyft SF x Wanderlust 108

Lyft SF x Wanderlust 108

Time to find your zen, San Francisco. We're getting ready for Wanderlust 108 at Golden Gate Park this Sunday!

An event which encapsulates unity, wholeness, and infinite love, Wanderlust is a full day of celebrating mindful movement. The morning begins with a triathlon which challenges both body and spirit; a 5K run, an outdoor yoga flow class, and a guided meditation. Post-triathlon features additional activities — everything from aerial yoga to an essential oils workshop.

The Wanderlust community will also include local food and craft vendors and charitable organizations. And don't forget about the DJ on the main stage who will help keep the energy flowing and dancing going.

Travel Tips: Plan on riding with Lyft to and from the event? Be on the look out for pick up and drop off locations for an easier transportation experience.

Bonus: New to Lyft? Be sure to use code WANDERLUSTSF to get $5 off your first ride! 

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