Jersey City: Take a Lyft Ride to These Healthy Eats

Jersey City: Take a Lyft Ride to These Healthy Eats

This month we're featuring a guest blogger, Lynn Hazan, a.k.a. ChicpeaJC – she covers everything from new restaurants in the area to local artists who deserve the love and support of the community. Lynn strives to eat healthy by riding with Lyft to these healthy eats in Jersey City:

"Most people who follow me know I’m all about maintaining a healthy lifestyle through fitness and foods. I have a few favorite spots in the area that I always turn to for some healthy meals." Check it out:

1. Busy Bee Organics

Busy Bee Organics is always a top pick for healthy eats in Jersey City. You can order standard meals through her website for delivery or pick up some meals at the local farmers market. Meals cater to many allergies and food preferences, and you could choose from a large selection of items like Beet Hummus and her “Buffins.”

2. Subia’s Organic Market and Vegan Cafe

Subia’s offers food so delicious and convenient, even non-vegans will love their meals! Everything is so filling and made with the best ingredients, guaranteed to make you feel satisfied without compromising your health.

3. Tea NJ

Tea NJ is a local favorite, and rightfully so! Everything they offer is full of flavor and stands out among the rest of the restaurants in Jersey City. From salads to burgers, there are plenty of options to stay healthy while still getting a delicious meal.

4. Short Grain


I’ve spent a lot of time at Short Grain and can never get enough of their salads and their avocado toast. You can always grab a kale salad or a roasted cauliflower dish for a healthy lunch!

5. Fresh Healthy Cafe

It’s all in the name! Fresh Healthy Cafe offers items like healthy wraps, açai bowls, and protein bowls to keep everyone in the area energized, full, and on-track with healthy eating.

Feeling inspired by ChicpeaJC's picks? Get out there! New passengers, use code CHICPEAJC to get $5 off your first 2 rides.

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