Keep Your Atlanta Commute a Breeze with Lyft

Keep Your Atlanta Commute a Breeze with Lyft

As repairs on I-85 begin in the heart of Atlanta, we're giving passengers a deal to help keep your commutes reasonable in regards to cost and time. 

What can Atlantans expect during daily commutes?

Anyone who drives in the Atlanta Metro knows that I-85 is essential in channeling drivers to the heart of downtown. The damage caused by the fire last Thursday has completely shut down a portion of Interstate 85. This includes north and southbound lanes. According to Georgia's Department of Transportation, over 220,000 vehicles travel across the damaged portion of the interstate on a daily basis.

With detours rerouting folks down smaller side streets not equipped for a heavy flow of vehicles, we can anticipate a significant increase in traffic and travel time. It is improbable that the roadway will open again until the late summer, making this spring a scramble for drivers trying to navigate the new complications of getting around the city. 

How can you make your commutes efficient and affordable?

We're working to alleviate the pain of longer commutes by offering deals you can use in tandem with public transportation.

Starting Monday 4/10, we're offering 50% off Lyft Line rides to and from all MARTA locations* in the city during commute hours. With Lyft Line, you have the option to share your ride with other passengers traveling along a similar route. This will help reduce the cost of rides to and from MARTA, in addition to the deal we're offering.  

Atlanta Metro coverage map 

Atlanta Metro coverage map 

This deal will run throughout the week to make the initial sting of crazy traffic a little less painful. You can even use the extra time you would have spent driving to get a head start on work emails, to study or read, or even to catch a few extra zzz's. You might even find that using Lyft and MARTA to get to and from work is your new favorite way to commute — less money spent on gas and more time spent on you! 

We wish everyone in Atlanta safe travels, especially in the coming weeks. We love our city and are proud to offer commuters options for safe travel throughout the Metro! Stay tuned for future deals and for updates regarding repairs to I-85.

 *Not including the airport MARTA station; Commute Hours: 5AM-9AM and 4PM-7PM; Offer is valid Monday 4/10- Friday 4/14

For more information and updates on offers throughout the city, follow us on Twitter at @Lyft_ATL

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