5 Life Lessons Worth Listening to From a Military Consultant and Lyft Driver

5 Life Lessons Worth Listening to From a Military Consultant and Lyft Driver

To honor and celebrate Military Appreciation Month, we're sharing the words of one very unique Lyft driver and military consultant — En.

We first met En at a Lyft information session in Princeton, NJ. Right away, we could feel his enthusiasm and passion for life, family, friends and Lyft. 

We recently sat down with En to dive deeper into his past and to learn what has shaped him into the person he is today. Here's what you might learn from En if you're lucky enough to get a ride with him:

1) Get an education while serving your country.

Joining the military can give you "a balanced mind and body," En says. Not only will you get an education, but the military will teach you life skills such as discipline and how to speak to people.

2) Stay busy.

For En, Lyft is what keeps him busy — he's racked up nearly 1,200 rides in less than seven months! Keeping your mind active has other benefits, too. En notes that he meets interesting people, learns their stories, and gets to tell his own to people every day, which he really enjoys. "I talk to other people while making money and I feel proud!"

3) Travel as much as possible.

"Traveling brings people together and allows you to see how the rest of the world lives," says En. For him, it put life into perspective, as visiting other countries can make you realize what you’re missing out on or how good you have it. "Traveling is priceless," he says.

4) Get to know other people. 

En always asks people about themselves: "where are you from? What do you do? How do you do it?" He genuinely wants to know people's stories, and says it’s important to ask questions, learn about different religions, races, and walks of life. We guarantee, even if you’re in the car with En for two miles, En will learn a synopsis of your life story!

5) Find a mentor. 

"The student will find the teacher," En believes. Which is to say that if your goal is to get experience, you need to get advice from others. Find your people or person and pick their brain.

Looking for more ways to celebrate Military Appreciation Month? Starting this month, Lyft passengers can opt-in to round up their fare to the nearest dollar and donate the remainder to the USO, the program’s inaugural charity. This is initially available on Android with iOS coming soon.


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