Phoenix: Your Summer Travel Guide

Phoenix: Your Summer Travel Guide

Make the most out of your time in the Valley of the Sun by exploring our top summer drop-off destinations in the city. Whether it’s a killer outdoor patio or relaxing by the pool we’re sharing our top ride spots to make your summer travel a breeze. 

1. Topgolf (Scottsdale & Gilbert)

Topgolf is the premier entertainment and event venue with fun point-scoring golf games for all skill levels, upscale bar food and drinks, great music and more.

2. Downtown Scottsdale

Downtown Scottsdale.jpg

Downtown Scottsdale is a nightlife paradise, whether you want to party the night away at a rowdy nightclub, sip a nice cocktail at a high-end bar, or hang out with friends at a laid-back watering hole.

3. Roosevelt Row Arts District

Roosevelt Roq.jpg

Roosevelt Row Arts District (RoRo) is a walkable, creative district in the urban core of downtown Phoenix that is nationally known for its arts and cultural events, award-winning restaurants, galleries, boutiques, and live music. 

4. Westgate Entertainment Center


Offering a vibrant outdoor setting with unique water features, Westgate Entertainment District delivers an interactive shopping, dining, and entertainment experience.

5. Heritage District - Gilbert

With more than 20 top-notch restaurants concentrated along Gilbert Road from Cullumber Avenue north to the Western Canal, Gilbert is a great destination for a food lover's experience.

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