4 Reasons a New Jersey Teacher Became a Lyft Driver and Ambassador

4 Reasons a New Jersey Teacher Became a Lyft Driver and Ambassador

When New Jersey teacher Angela was looking for something to fill her summer days off, she knew it had to be something she was passionate about. During the school year, Angela stays busy teaching Spanish in South Jersey, but in the summertime, she was looking for something to make a little extra cash — and have fun along the way. Angela became a Lyft driver and ambassador, and wanted to share the reasons she thinks it’s a perfect fit.

1. Flexible Work Schedule

As a teacher, Angela is accustomed to her 6 AM - 4 PM schedule. While routine is nice, she likes to take advantage of sleeping in and making her own hours once in awhile. As a Lyft driver and ambassador she can choose her hours based on her personal schedule. When she’s ready to drive, Angela can simply open the Lyft app and go. Lyft’s flexibility makes earning cash easy.

2. Meet New People

September through June, Angela interacts with students, teachers, and administrators constantly and she loves that about her job. So, why not continue this outside of the classroom? With Lyft, Angela gets the opportunity to chat with her passengers and meet new people at Lyft events.

3. Work in Your Community

“It’s nice to be able to work in my own backyard!” Angela says. Many teachers have a long commute to and from work throughout the school year, including Angela. Being able to drive with Lyft and stay local is important to her.

4. Summer Earnings

During school vacations, holidays, weekends, and the summer, Angela is able to make money in addition to her normal paycheck. Better yet, as soon as she reaches least $50 in earnings she can get paid quickly with Express Pay — receiving her cash in as little as a few hours.

You can find Angela driving with Lyft this summer and at Lyft events down the Jersey Shore. Be on the lookout for the pink Lyft van at your beach! She and fellow Ambassadors will be giving away free ride credit to new users plus fun beach swag and snacks.

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