Lyft and National Sheriffs’ Association Partner to Extend Safety Commitment

Lyft and National Sheriffs’ Association Partner to Extend Safety Commitment

The safety of our communities has always been one of our most important priorities. From extending transportation to underserved areas to providing rides home after a night out, we’re constantly working to provide safe options to get around.

Today, we’re excited to partner with the National Sheriffs’ Association (NSA) to extend our commitment to safety. Together, Lyft and NSA will advocate at the state and federal levels for policies that expand ridesharing operations across the country. Lyft and NSA will also work together to educate law enforcement professionals and the Lyft community about how ridesharing can keep our streets safer.

In cities where ridesharing is widely adopted, studies have shown alcohol-related driving arrests can be reduced by up to 51%, and DWI deaths by more than 10%. In fact, 88% of Lyft passengers say they are less likely to drive drunk because of the availability of Lyft. Studies have also shown that the presence of ridesharing correlates with a 42% reduction in assaults and disorderly conduct arrests.

“The National Sheriffs’ Association strongly supports the important role of Lyft and ridesharing efforts in promoting safer roads, healthier cities, and more vibrant communities,” said Ed Hutchison, Director of Traffic Safety at the NSA.

“Lyft is committed to continuing to promote public safety in the over 350 communities where we operate. Through this partnership we will work closely with NSA to further benefit the communities we serve,” said Sarah Pompei, Lyft’s Senior Manager for Public Affairs.

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