Expanding Mobility and Transit Access in Dayton, Ohio

Expanding Mobility and Transit Access in Dayton, Ohio

Riding around Dayton, OH is getting a lot easier this summer, thanks to a new partnership between Lyft and the Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority (RTA). Through the RTA Connect program, riders can now unlock fully subsidized rides between select bus stops. Customers of RTA will now enjoy increased mobility during off-peak times, such as midday, late at night, and weekends.  

To unlock subsidized rides, enter code CONNECT937 in your Lyft app or follow the link below.

The partnership brings access to the entire RTA network in southwest Montgomery County, and makes it easier to get around areas that have been traditionally hard-to-reach by public transportation, including Farmersville, Germantown, and Miamisburg. We’re particularly excited to extend a call-center option to book rides for those who do not have a smartphone.  

"For years our agency has struggled to meet the needs of citizens in underserved and unserved portions of our region and this partnership with Lyft fills that critical gap. As a component of our overall Connect strategy, RTA is leveraging technology and partnerships to become a Mobility Manager in the truest sense and moving closer to our ‘One Call One Click’ vision for the Dayton Region," says RTA Chief Executive Officer, Mark Donaghy.

Lyft has always worked hard to deliver better transportation options to every member of our communities. The Dayton RTA joins a growing group of transit agencies working alongside Lyft to improve transportation access for all types of people, going all kinds of places. Together, we can help reduce the cost of transportation, increase flexible options, and improve the way we get around our cities.

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