This Pride, Support Equal Rights for Everyone

This Pride, Support Equal Rights for Everyone

There’s still a long way to go to achieve equal rights for all, and how we get there matters. So this Pride, we’re focusing on the power of small, meaningful action.

In an effort to end stigma and discrimination, Pride celebrates LGBTQ+ identity, visibility, and diversity. And while every Lyft ride is a place to be yourself, share your stories, and ride out loud, we know that’s not the case for everyone, everywhere. So this year, we want to harness our community’s potential in support of the Human Rights Campaign with Round Up & Donate.

Ride Out Loud with Round Up & Donate

With our newest program, Round Up and Donate, we can round up your fares and donate the difference to The Human Rights Campaign, America’s largest civil rights organization. All you have to do is opt in. (You’ll find ‘Round Up & Donate’ under ‘Settings’ in the latest version of the app or on the web. Just turn it on once and we’ll automatically round up your fares after each ride.)

The Human Rights Campaign mirrors Lyft’s commitment to creating an atmosphere where everyone feels welcome, comfortable, and respected — both in and out of the car. As a company, Lyft is donating $100,000 in the next 12 months to support LGBTQ+ causes.

Be Inspired to Make Your Mark

We partnered with documentary filmmaker Cheryl Dunn to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Black Cat Tavern Protest of 1967. The film profiles activist Alexei Romanoff, who led the first organized demonstration by an LGBT community and its allies. That rally helped spark the gay rights movement in the United States –– and showcases the power a community can have when it mobilizes together. Watch now >

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