Keep the Internet Free

Keep the Internet Free

An open, non-discriminatory internet is crucial to building an innovative and connected community. Today, July 12, Lyft stands alongside millions of voices in recognition of the Net Neutrality Day of Action.

This May, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted to roll back regulations passed in 2015 that protect the neutrality of the internet. These regulations provide the legal foundation for preventing internet service providers from demonstrating favoritism or discriminating against specific websites or applications.

Lyft believes that individuals should be free to access all internet content and applications equally, regardless of source. We believe freedom of expression is core to the way we experience the internet. We believe that Net Neutrality regulation is fundamental to free expression on the internet, where content should not be promoted or suppressed based on the preference of the provider.

Every voice should be heard equally. Join Lyft, and the Internet Association, in supporting a free and open internet for all.

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