Portland: Lyft is Your Ride to Movies in the Park This Summer

Portland: Lyft is Your Ride to Movies in the Park This Summer

With the beautiful warm weather and extra hours of daylight, no Portland summer is complete without Portland Park’s Summer Free For All. Whether you’re enjoying one of the 40+ movies, or just listening to some tunes in the park, we’ve got some tips to get you there and back in a jiffy.

For the film connoisseurs, Portland Parks shows movie for all ages and tastes. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite flicks of the summer, and some insider tricks on how to best use Lyft at the parks.

1. The Princess Bride

The romantic tale of Buttercup and Westley in the fictional country of Florin will be screened at Dickinson Park on Saturday, July 15th. For a seamless pickup, have your driver pick you up by the gravel lot on SW 55th Ave.

2. Finding Dory

The story of our favorite forgetful blue tang fish, this movie is being shown at the back lawn of Reed College on Thursday, July 20th. At the end of film, we suggest hailing your ride on the corner of SE Woodstock & SE Reed College Place, for an easier pickup.

3. La La Land

Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, soft jazz, and a lot of singing will be playing at Irving Park on Friday, July 21st. This urban park will be very crowded when the movie lets out, so so it’s best to walk a few blocks away from NE Fremont St.

4. Dead Poets Society

An oldie, but goodie about an English teacher who inspires his students through poetry, this Robin Williams film will be shown at The North Park Blocks on Thursday, August 3rd. Since there is always traffic around that area, we suggest meeting your Lyft driver a block or two up on NW 10th.

5. Rogue One

Lightsabers, jedi masks, and lots of fans will be present at Mt. Scott Park on Friday, September 1st. We suggest walking a block and hailing your ride close to the parking lot on SE Ellis St. & SE 74th Ave.

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