New Features to Celebrate National Deaf Awareness Month

New Features to Celebrate National Deaf Awareness Month

In celebration of National Deaf Awareness Month and the International Week of the Deaf, which begins today, we’re excited to announce upcoming app improvements for deaf and hard of hearing people to better connect our drivers and passengers.

In April, we announced our partnership with the National Association of the Deaf (NAD) to collaborate on developing app improvements, growing awareness of economic opportunities, and engaging policymakers on the importance of ridesharing access for deaf and hard of hearing people.

We’ve already received great feedback from the community on our product improvements with Amp — which displays “NEW RIDE” when there’s a new ride request — as well as passenger SMS notifications if your driver is deaf or hard of hearing.

Today, in collaboration with the NAD, we’re announcing the following features, which are rolling out in the next month:

  • ASL Page for Passengers: When passengers receive the automatic SMS notification that their driver is deaf or hard of hearing, the text will contain a link to learn “Hello” and “Thank you” in American Sign Language (ASL), helping to bridge the language gap between passenger and driver.

Hello Small 1.gif
Thank You Smaller.gif
  • Flash-on-Request for Drivers: For drivers who have opted into Lyft’s deaf and hard of hearing accessibility feature, the phone screen and flashlight will flash when they receive an incoming ride request. Drivers can turn on this functionality by tapping ‘Settings’ then ‘Accessibility’.

We’re continuously looking for ways to improve the Lyft experience for drivers and passengers, making each ride both safe and enjoyable. Check back on our blog for future updates!

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