Owning a Car in Philly: By the Numbers

Owning a Car in Philly: By the Numbers

It’s no secret that ridesharing services have disrupted the way people get from A to B, especially in cities. Whether you’re only visiting Philadelphia or call it home, we’re breaking down the facts, and dollar signs, on the cost of renting a car, owning a car, or using Lyft.

For Visitors

If you’re planning on visiting the city of Brotherly Love, make sure to consider these facts when deciding on how to get around:

Cost of a Rental Car for One Week

  • Philadelphia has one of the highest car rental rates in the U.S. — a rental averages $83 a day, totaling $581 per week.
  • Parking: $200 for the week.

TOTAL:  $781.20 for one week

Cost of Lyft for One Week

  • Trip to the airport: $18-$25

  • Roundtrip from Center City area to tourist spots: $6-$10.

TOTAL: $504 - $522



For Residents

For those of you who call Philadelphia home, find out how the numbers compare for owning a car versus using Lyft for your daily commute:

Cost of Owning a Car for One Year

  • Monthly Car Payment: $420

  • Insurance: $1,222 per year.

  • Fuel: $1,267.50 per year

  • Maintenance Expenses: $792

  • PA State Inspection, Registration & Emissions: $77

  • Parking: residential, $35; parking garage, $4000-$6,000

TOTAL: $3,813.50 - $9,778.50

Cost of Lyft for One Year

  • Work Commute: $4,000

  • Other Rides: $1,000

TOTAL: $5,000


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