Colorado: Lyft is Your Ride to CU Events

Colorado: Lyft is Your Ride to CU Events

Lyft is proud to be the official rideshare partner of the University of Colorado at Boulder (CU)! Starting now, Buffs fans will find getting to/from sporting events on campus easier than ever.

Designated pickup/drop-off zones: Lyft has set multiple strategic pickup/drop-off spots around the CU Boulder campus for football gamedays. With these spots in place, football game attendees won’t have to worry about the hassle of being dropped off or picked up in inconvenient places or even about finding parking themselves.

Lyft brand ambassadors on site: To help to ensure everything goes smoothly, Lyft brand ambassadors will be onsite at multiple CU football and basketball games throughout the season. If you have any questions or concerns about using the Lyft app, our ambassadors are happy to help! Be on the lookout for our ambassadors who can answer any questions you may have and who will be handing out awesome Lyft swag.

Lyft app updates: In the Lyft app when requesting a ride, football game attendees at CU will now be prompted to convenient pickup and drop off locations around the campuses on game days. These designated locations are as follows:


Lyft wants to get you to and from CU football game days safely and affordably. Use code CUNEW3X5 for a discounted ride:

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