Meet Kelsey Floyd: Photographer, Small Business Owner, Lyft Business Customer

Meet Kelsey Floyd: Photographer, Small Business Owner, Lyft Business Customer

Small Business Saturday — which falls on the day after Black Friday each year — is a day when we celebrate small businesses for the service and energy they bring to their communities.

And while some think of rideshare for personal rides, many businesses also use it to meet varied transportation needs, from business travel to commuting. Kelsey Floyd uses Lyft as an indispensable partner in driving her portrait and lifestyle photography business forward.

Originally based in Maine, Kelsey and her fiancé dreamed of better opportunities away from Maine’s legendary winters. With its moderate climate and extraordinary economic growth, San Francisco was an appealing destination. But Kelsey knew her old car wasn’t up to the cross-country journey.

“When I first heard about Lyft, I thought, ‘This is incredible — ridesharing actually makes it doable to relocate my business from Maine to San Francisco.’”

Kelsey created a business profile on the Lyft app to simplify payment and automate the expensing process. Her rides are automatically categorized as a business expense and charged to the correct card. Plus, with calendar integration, her appointment times show up in the app whenever she requests a ride.

“I use QuickBooks, and my Lyft business profile automates a ton of tax-related tasks,” she explains. “Automating these chores keeps my focus on my photography, which is where I want it to be.”

Kelsey also takes advantage of Lyft Business Rewards — which provides $5 in personal ride credit for every five business rides she takes — making it easier and more affordable to enjoy her time off.

“Who doesn’t like free money?” she laughs. “I recently went to Denver for a friend’s wedding, and when I switched to my personal account, I had enough credit to pay for all my rides.”

Kelsey has also concluded that Lyft is the most cost-effective solution for her small business.

“I’ve compared Lyft to what I would be spending on a car,” she notes. “Between monthly payments, parking permits, gas, and insurance, I definitely come out ahead using ridesharing.”

Small Business Saturday is an ideal time to shop locally and support the millions of small businesses across the country. Lyft supports entrepreneurs and small businesses through partnerships that help them move the people who matter, whether it's employees, customers, patients, or travelers.

For example, hospitals and clinics use Lyft to get patients to and from appointments and ensure needed access to care. Auto dealerships fuel better service experiences by using Lyft to quickly and cost-effectively get customers where they need to go while their car is in the shop. And businesses of all kinds turn to Lyft for innovative business, commute, and event transportation solutions.

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