Say Yes to More When You Choose to Ride With Lyft

Say Yes to More When You Choose to Ride With Lyft

When driving stops you, riding lets you go.

Parallel parking? Nope. Missed turns? Nope. Room for six? Yep. Another glass? Double yep. Lyft gives you the freedom to spend a night out on the town, the freedom to take spontaneous trips, and, yes, even the freedom for answering emails on the go (if that’s your thing).

Today we launch our newest campaign with Wieden+Kennedy New York. The two spots, "Nope/Yep", featuring the song “Apache” and "Yep, You Can," both with award-winning director, Tom Kuntz, are live across digital and social platforms beginning December 12 and local broadcast in select markets.

These two spots are just the beginning as our brand team kicks off 2019. We can’t wait to keep sharing the ride with you.

As part of our ongoing commitment to building the world’s best transportation, Lyft wants to give you the freedom that comes with riding — so you can start saying “yep” to more things than ever.

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