Women's History Month Spotlight: Jinky Marie Abalos

Women's History Month Spotlight: Jinky Marie Abalos

Every day, across the nation, new friendships and connections are being made through Lyft. Celebrating Lyft drivers, and their contributions to our community is one of our most important missions. So this Women's History Month, we'd like to acknowledge and celebrate one remarkable driver, Jinky Marie Abalos from New Jersey.

Born and raised in the Philippines, Jinky decided to migrate to the States because she felt that she would be freer to express who she is in terms of gender preference and sexuality.

In December, Jinky picked up a couple visiting from Florida. When they noticed Jinky’s Philippine flag air freshener the three of them became fast friends since the female passenger, Neneth, was also from there. They stayed in touch via social media and text message and when Jinky recently married her longtime partner, Kristin, she invited Neneth and her husband to the wedding.

Jinky is unique in her commitment to the passenger experience and goes the extra mile to create lasting experiences for her passengers. To celebrate Women’s History Month and the contributions of drivers like Jinky, we’re donating $1,000 in ride credit to a cause of Jinky’s choosing, the Anxiety & Depression initiative (ADI), based out of Little Falls New Jersey. The ADI helps all people living with anxiety and depression to live active and fulfilling lives through advocacy, exercise, and the outdoors.

We're also thrilled to celebrate Jinky's recent wedding. To thank her for her contributions to our community, we’re treating her and her partner to dinner at their favorite local restaurant, A Toute Heure.

Jinky, thank you for your hard work and the joy you bring to Lyft. We wish you and Kristin a lifetime of happiness and a wonderful Women’s History Month.

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