Chow Down for National Cheesesteak Day

Chow Down for National Cheesesteak Day

Nothing screams Philly quite like a cheesesteak so March 24, National Cheesesteak Day, is a day near and dear to our hearts. To celebrate we’ve got everything you need to know to make the most of this glorious day, plus 25% off a ride to or from one of the following most visited cheesesteak spots.

Most Visited Cheesesteak Spots:

  1. Jim's Steaks

  2. Pat's King of Steaks

  3. Steve's Prince of Steaks

  4. Campo’s Deli

  5. Ishkabbibles

  6. Geno's Steaks

  7. Sonny's

  8. Tony Luke's

  9. Dalessandro's

  10. McNally’s Tavern

  11. John's Roast Pork

  12. Shank’s Original

Most popular time to get a cheesesteak? Peak hours are between 6-7 PM and weekends are the most popular days.

Longest ride to get a cheesesteak? Two hours — Some hungry passengers rode from Union City, NJ, to Geno’s!

Ride with Lyft to one of these cheesesteak locations, and you decide which cheesesteak is best.

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