Lyft x Caritas of Austin

Lyft x Caritas of Austin

Lyft Austin is excited to announce our partnership with Caritas of Austin, a nonprofit working to prevent and end homelessness in Austin.

Through the partnership, Lyft is able to directly impact the lives of Caritas’ clients by providing a basic human need, transportation. By using Lyft Concierge, a product that allows partners to request rides for their customers through the Lyft platform, Caritas is able to request Lyft rides for clients in need — no smartphone required.

Aaron Fox, General Manager for Lyft Austin, states, “Transportation is empowering — it reconnects people and brings communities together. Lyft is proud to play a role as Caritas helps clients build sturdy foundations and ultimately realize their full potential and contribute to our community.”   

Lyft and Caritas are making this announcement following a successful six-month pilot partnership program, which provided free Lyft rides for a select group of Caritas clients to help improve their health, advance their education and maintain employment.  

“We often see transportation present one of the biggest roadblocks to people achieving their goals,” said Stephanie Green, Supportive Housing Program Manager.

“Caritas of Austin’s work to end homelessness is not possible without partners like Lyft,” says Jo Kathryn Quinn, Executive Director at Caritas. “We are grateful for Lyft’s leadership and commitment to leveraging their business for the betterment of our clients. Together, we truly can end homelessness as we know it in Austin.”

Inspiring testimonials from Caritas clients participating in the program with Lyft provide a glimpse into the positive impact we can have by partnering with community change makers like Caritas. Check out a few of the powerful stories below:



Right: Jerry gets into a Lyft ride to head to class.

Through the Caritas and Lyft partnership, Jerry was able to make significant steps in his education toward certifications in Computer Security and Development, and has recently been offered a position at the largest tech company in Austin!

In reflecting upon the impact the partnership with Lyft has had on his life, Jerry stated,“Lyft drivers tend to be early rather than late, and they are quite concerned about your safety and comfort. Lyft really allows me to put more energy into my studies.”



Left: Barry waits for a Lyft ride to take him to a doctor’s appointment. Right: Completing paperwork for his upcoming surgery.

Through Lyft’s services, Barry has seen major health improvements directly related to his ability to get to medical appointments consistently and on time. Before using Lyft, Barry relied on public transportation, often walking to appointments or rescheduling to avoid the physical pain from riding the bus.

“It is a whole lot better, not just a little. It’s better than taking multiple buses and showing up late and missing the appointment,” he shared. According to Barry’s RN case manager, Rita DeBellis, of Foundation Communities, “I've been working with Barry for nearly a year, and despite living with chronic pain and other serious medical conditions, Barry is an engaged partner in his own health care. Being able to use Lyft for transportation has made a substantial difference and continued services help him remain focused on wellness.”

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