New Clarendon Area Pickup and Drop-off Passenger Zones

New Clarendon Area Pickup and Drop-off Passenger Zones

As the D.C.-area nightlife continues to expand, so does the need for innovative solutions to unique transportation challenges. That’s why Lyft is working with local government agencies to repurpose curb space in high traffic areas to make it easier for passengers to connect with their drivers.

Lyft has joined forces with Arlington County’s Department of Environmental Services and the Arlington County Police Department to create pickup and drop-off lanes in a few high-traffic areas in the lively Clarendon area. When requesting your ride, head to one of the new pickup zones listed below to quickly and easily meet your Lyft driver.

Clarendon Pickup and Drop-off Zones

Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights between the hours of 9 PM and 3 AM.

  • Wilson Boulevard and Clarendon Boulevard between North Highland Street and North Irving Street

  • North Highland Street between Wilson Boulevard and 11th Street North

  • North Filmore Street between Wilson Boulevard and Clarendon Boulevard 

The Clarendon pickup and drop-off zones are the latest example of Lyft’s work with D.C.-area communities to adapt streets and neighborhoods to better support how people live and get around. In October 2017 we worked with the D.C. Department of Transportation and the Golden Triangle Business Improvement District to repurpose parking spots along Connecticut Ave in Dupont Circle during nighttime party hours into pickup and drop-off zones. By reducing the parking during these times, we can make Connecticut Avenue move more efficiently and smoothly, thereby reducing congestion and making it easier to find your driver.

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