Montauk Mode: Your Exclusive Beach-Themed Lyft Ride

Montauk Mode: Your Exclusive Beach-Themed Lyft Ride

Montauk life is the perfect combination of surf, art, food, and beach life. To celebrate what’s so special about this town “at the end of the world,” we’re offering the ultimate surf life experience: Montauk Mode. With Montauk Mode, you could score a ride for you and up to 3 friends in one of our beach-themed cars to an experience hosted by some of the most creative people in Montauk, at an iconic venue by the beach.

How to participate

You can unlock Montauk Mode by following this link, or by typing the code MONTAUK18 into the ‘Promos’ section of your Lyft app.  

After it’s been unlocked, you’ll be able to request a ride in Montauk Mode between 9:30AM - 4:30PM on Saturday, July 21 and between 11:30AM - 3PM on Sunday, July 22. In order to request a ride in Montauk Mode, you must be in the Montauk area during these times (see map below). You can also view the coverage area in the ‘Promos’ section of your Lyft app.

Once it goes live, simply tap to request a ride in Montauk Mode, just be sure to enter your destination as “Montauk Beach” to be taken to the secret location! If you successfully request a ride, you’ll be whisked away to a VIP experience near the beach.  

You’re probably wondering, what makes it a VIP experience?

Enjoy undivided attention from an onsite photographer to capture each magical memory as you mingle, lounge, and indulge. As a VIP, this means no lines to get in, and no crowds once you’re there. Pssst: don’t forget to pack your swimsuit — trust us on this one! Please note that activities are on a first-come, first-served basis, but there’s plenty of fun to go around!

Start your morning on Saturday with Chloe Norgaard, model and founder of Wildflower Boom, for a custom essential oil blending workshop. In the afternoon, commission a one of a kind hand painted wearable art piece from Stevi Sesin, artist and founder of Unicorn Creative.

On Sunday, Join Gabe Kennedy, adventurous award-winning chef, and Robert Sieber, executive chef of the All-day Café, for a locally-sourced cooking demonstration and lunch.

Music throughout the weekend includes live DJ sets and performances by Amanda Lee (@SinceFeelingIsFirst), Kate Usher & The Sturdy Souls (@kateushermusic), and Janelle Kroll (@JanelleKroll).

It’s all about location

This secret destination is located centrally in Montauk, right on the beach and steps away from your favorite summer hangouts. Once you’ve requested your ride in Montauk Mode, all you need to do is sit back, and relax - we’ve got the rest covered.  After you’ve had your fill of curated fun, the beach is right outside. Don’t forget to grab a premium Lyft swag bag stocked with beach essentials and accessories on your way out!


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