Portland: Your Ride to the Big Beer Festival

Portland: Your Ride to the Big Beer Festival

Planning to spend this weekend enjoying some of the 80+ ales at the The Big Beer Festival?

After you’ve sampled all you can, stop by our exclusive Lyft pickup & drop-off lounge across the street, for some refreshing beverages, as well as tricked out photo booth, and then chill in the shade while waiting for your driver to arrive.

From Thursday, July 26th, to Sunday, July 29th, we’ll be conveniently located in the parking lot across the street from the festival, in between SW Stark & Morrison street. When exiting the event, just look for everything bright pink and you’ll know you’re in the right place!

Would a discount to the beer festival make you hoppy? Use code BBF20 for 20% off 1 ride to/from the festival. Cheers!


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