Enjoy the Ride, Pledge Not to Drive Impaired

Enjoy the Ride, Pledge Not to Drive Impaired

There’s never an excuse to drive impaired, so Lyft is teaming up with the Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association and Massachusetts Cannabis Reform Coalition to promote responsible riding and reduce impaired driving.

With recreational marijuana dispensaries opening in Massachusetts, we’re doing our part to combat intoxicated driving by committing $50,000 in ride credit to people in Massachusetts who pledge not to drive intoxicated.

“Impaired drivers risk irreparable harm to both themselves and those they share the road with. As recreational marijuana dispensaries open in Massachusetts, remember to plan ahead before consuming cannabis. Lyft is a great way to get a responsible ride home,” said Chief Mark Leahy, Executive Director of the Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association.

“MassCann supports responsible consumption as the adult-use market approaches,” said Maggie Kinsella, Press Secretary for MassCann. “In our data-driven work to build a more moral and rational marijuana public policy, we are advocates of responsible transportation for those consuming cannabis. Don’t get behind the wheel when you are impaired.”

88% of Lyft riders have reported that they ride to avoid driving under the influence, and a study showed that the availability of ridesharing can reduce alcohol-related driving arrests by up to 51% and OWI deaths by more than 10%.

“We are excited to support this important effort to help ensure any Massachusetts resident who is under the influence of marijuana is not driving and has access to a responsible ride home,” said Tyler George, Lyft New England General Manager. “Safety is our top priority - Lyft is committed to providing affordable and reliable rides no matter the occasion.”

Follow Lyft, the Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association, and MassCann on social media as recreational dispensaries open for more information on how to claim your credit and take the pledge not to drive impaired.

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