Getting Our Local Bay Area Kids Ready for the School Year

Getting Our Local Bay Area Kids Ready for the School Year

In the build-up to the new school year, the last thing students should have to worry about is having a backpack or basic school supplies.

Our Bay Area Lyft team saw a need in the local community and stepped up to answer the call. In the spirit of making sure our local kids are well-equipped to enter their classrooms for the new year, Lyft volunteered with the Oakland Public Education Fund and Mo’Magic in San Francisco to show the Bay Area our support.

“We all grew up in the same neighborhoods and classrooms these kids are in right now,” said Lyft driver Alfonzo Lovelace from Oakland.“That connection makes giving back to our community and students in need extra special and important.”

In the first event, more than 40 Bay Area Lyft drivers came together to distribute over 3,000 backpacks to fifty Oakland City schools, marking the third year Lyft has partnered with the Oakland Public Education Fund to provide these much-needed supplies.

In San Francisco, Lyft partnered with Mo’Magic, a local community non-profit, to prepare school supplies and backpacks that were distributed to students the following day.

The Bay Area Lyft team is committed to being a visible and active member of our local community to create a positive impact for the communities that we are a part of. We thank our fantastic Lyft drivers from all over the Bay Area who came out in big numbers to make sure our local students were equipped for the new school year!

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