Celebrate National Relaxation Day with Lyft!

Celebrate National Relaxation Day with Lyft!

Life can get busy, so we’re here to help you get where you’re going. In celebration of National Relaxation Day, we’ve compiled a few of our favorite techniques to stay relaxed during your ride. Put these techniques to the test when you take a Lyft for 20% off on National Relaxation Day, and check out free classes at Recharj on August 15!

Take a Deep Breath

Slowly count to three while you inhale, then exhale to the count of six. The process of exhaling is associated with relaxation, as this breathing technique reminds your mind and body to calm down.

Listen to Your Favorite [Music/Podcast/Meditation]

There’s nothing like listening to your favorite music to ease your mind, no matter what time of day. Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular for commutes and long drives (a favorite of ours is NPR’s How I Built This featuring Lyft’s co-founder Jon Zimmer!) If you’re not behind the wheel, practice your meditation skills and try to clear your mind of the clutter that’s causing stress.


Yoga isn’t just for the studio - take the practice to the car (or your desk!) with seated positions. For tension in your shoulders, roll your head gently from side to side, placing your fingers at the top of your head to pull your ear closer to your shoulder for a deeper stretch. Help out your lower back with a spinal twist, as you keep your feet planted and twist your body to face behind you.

Take a Power Nap

If all else fails and you hit that midday slump, take a nap!  In celebration of National Relaxation Day on August 15, stop by Recharj for a free power nap in a Nap Cocoon. Lights are dimmed and soothing music played as you drift off for 25 minutes - the perfect amount of time to wake up feeling rejuvenated. If you’re not in the mood for a midday nap, enjoy Lyft-sponsored evening classes at Recharj on August 15.

Enjoy power naps all day and any of these three evening classes on us, plus 20% off your ride to get there! Use code Lyft! when scheduling your nap or class on Recharj’s website.

*Recharj offer is valid only for Wednesday, August 15. Seats are limited for each power nap and class session. Please refer to Recharj’s website for a complete schedule of power naps, and to sign up for discounted class sessions.

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