Lyft Continues Rollout of Scooters with Launch in Santa Monica

Lyft Continues Rollout of Scooters with Launch in Santa Monica

Today, we’re excited to introduce Lyft Scooters in Santa Monica, our second market following the launch in Denver earlier this month. Lyft was founded in San Francisco over six years ago, and Santa Monica is our first market in California where we’re operating scooters (and soon bikes), so we’re thrilled to bring this solution to our community.

Scooters are an important part of our vision to improve lives through the world’s best transportation. As we roll out scooters across the country, we’re working collaboratively with cities to launch different modes of transportation, including electric scooters and bikes, to ensure a seamless launch. Lyft scooters and bikes will reduce vehicle congestion, increase public transportation trips and provide equitable transportation solutions to all residents.

We are committed to making sure that these new transportation solutions benefit residents without disrupting the community.

Our dedication to maintaining strong partnerships with cities includes our employees returning scooters every night to charging stations (what we call “rebalancing”). And in providing equitable transportation, we’ll be offering discounts for low-income residents of Santa Monica to ensure our transportation is accessible.

This launch is an exciting next step in our mission to lead the future of mobility, and we’ll be in an additional 10 cities by end of year.

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