Lyft Raises $2,000 for Austin Teachers

Lyft Raises $2,000 for Austin Teachers

To celebrate Austin educators, Lyft donated $1 of every Lyft ride given in August by a local teacher to Supply the Teachers, a non-profit organization with a mission to provide financial support for teachers to purchase supplies and classroom resources.

"I became a teacher because I’m passionate about making a difference in student’s lives, and driving for Lyft on the weekends allows me to go the extra mile for my students,” said Jesus Estebane, PE Teacher, Caldwell Heights Elementary School. “Whether it’s treats for holidays and parties or classroom activities, the supplemental income helps me really invest in my students.”

56 teachers participated in the program, and raised $2,000 through their rides. Together the group represented teachers of 20 unique subjects from 47 Austin schools.

“More often than not, local teachers spend hundreds of dollars of their own money on supplies required to teach the Texas curriculum. There are many reasons for this, but none that matter more than making sure educators are equipped to teach our youth to the best of their ability,” says Jason Lavender, Board President of Supply the Teachers.  “Throughout the month of August, our partnership with Lyft was a massive success!  We saw educators from across the city come together to drive towards lessening this financial burden - for themselves and their fellow teachers."

Lyft’s donation enabled Supply the Teachers to provide school supply bundles for 40 teachers in the Austin area. Those bundles include necessary supplies like: pencils, glue sticks, highlighters markers, colored pencils, notepads, paper, and more.

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