Lyft Transit Connections Launches in Boise

Lyft Transit Connections Launches in Boise

We’re proud to partner with the Valley Regional Transit to launch Lyft Transit Connections, a new  transportation program in Boise, Idaho designed to provide cost-effective transit connections to 14 ValleyRide bus stops.

Through this partnership, Boise residents are eligible for $2 rides to or from 14 qualifying bus stops within a designated service area. The Lyft Transit Connections program serves as an extension of the region’s bus services, providing convenient and affordable access to ValleyRide’s core bus network. This new service enhances the Boise community access to ValleyRide’s transit services  — especially for folks who work or live a little farther from ValleyRide bus stops.

“There is often considerable distance a commuter must travel to or from their final destination when taking the bus,” explains Kaite Justice, Mobility Collaborative Program Director. “This distance, referred to as first and last mile, can be an inconvenience or even a deterrent to using public transportation. If an effort to provide more multi-modal options and enhance our current services, we are thrilled to partner with Lyft to provide customers with affordable first- and last-mile connections to ValleyRide bus stops.”

Here’s how Lyft Transit Connections works:

  1. Download the Lyft app and set up an account if you don’t already have one

  2. Enter promo code VRT19 under the Promos in the app.  

  3. Request a ride to one of the qualifying bus stops (or a ride home from one of the stops). You’ll have to be within the designated service area to receive your $2 fare, and VRT will get the rest of the tab, up to $6. Offer is valid from 6 AM-9 PM Monday through Friday and 7:30 AM-6 PM on Saturdays. See the service area and full list of qualifying stops below.

Lyft Transit Connections will begin operations in Boise on Monday, Jan. 28, 2019. We look forward to riding with you then!


Read more about Lyft Transit Connections at

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