Lyft’s Growing Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Service in NYC

Lyft’s Growing Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Service in NYC

We’re excited to announce the expansion of our Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) service in NYC. With more accessible rides on the road, we’ll be better able to help New Yorkers with physical disabilities get around the city.

To Enable Access Mode:

1. Tap the Menu icon in the top left corner of your app

2. Scroll down and tap Settings

3. Find Wheelchair access in the Menu

4. Slide the toggle to the right so it's green

1.jpeg (6).jpg

5. Type in your destination, then swipe left to see additional modes

6. Tap More then tap Access to select Wheelchair Mode

2.jpeg (2).jpg

7. Tap "Request Access," confirm your pickup location, and you're all set!

These Are The Partners Who Will Help Us Serve NYC and The Wheelchair Community:

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