An Easier Way to Enjoy the Cleveland Indians

An Easier Way to Enjoy the Cleveland Indians

We’re thrilled to be the rideshare partner of the Cleveland Indians for the 2019 season. To make it easier than ever to get to and from the games, you’ll be dropped off and picked up at our exclusive Lyft spot, right across from the Right Field District gate.

While this area is close to the gate stadium, use these pointers to make your ride even smoother:

When You Get to Progressive Field:

  • Ask your driver to drop you near the sidewalk on Erie Court

  • Walk down East 9th St. and cross Bolivar to get to the Right Field Gate. Find the crosswalk near Brickstone Tavern.

When the Game's Over:

  • Cross Bolivar to East 9th and walk down to Erie Court to meet your Lyft driver. Look for our pink signs right outside the Right Field gate to help guide you.

  • Find and get in your ride on Erie Court, and be careful of traffic on East 9th St. If your driver is coming up East 9th, feel free to call and ask to turn on Erie Court for a safer pickup.

  • Confirm the make, model, license plate, and name of your driver before getting in your ride.

Before requesting your ride, check out the ballpark policies and a list of prohibited items. We’ll see ya out there, Cleveland!

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