San Diego: Investing in Safety and Sustainability

San Diego: Investing in Safety and Sustainability

Lyft is a living ecosystem of cars, bikes, and scooters traversing across cities every day. We have a responsibility to our riders and drivers to keep people safe and make our cities more livable by being at the forefront of sustainable mobility.

Today, we’re proud to announce our investment to safety and sustainability in San Diego, by joining forces with community leaders Circulate San Diego and Climate Action Campaign, as part of a year-long campaign.

To kick-off our Safety and Sustainability Campaign, we are committing to the following initiatives to take meaningful action that makes a direct impact in San Diego:

Street Safety

  • $15,000 donation to Circulate San Diego to go towards Vision Zero advocacy and promote safe and accessible public transportation, active transportation, and sustainable growth

  • Roll out a series of safety resources for riders and drivers, such as “Look Out for Bikes and Scooters” decals that caution passengers from opening the car door into the path of bicycle and scooter riders

  • Participating in the 29th Annual SANDAG Bike to Work Day on May 16, hosting a pit stop for riders and providing free helmets

On the safety side, we have worked to design policies and features that protect our communities, ranging from our dedicated Trust & Safety team to our vehicle requirements. We will continue to drive this locally with ongoing driver education, and through ‘late night’ and ‘responsible’ ride partnerships with universities and venues.

Environmental Sustainability

  • $15,000 donation to Climate Action Campaign to go towards transit advocacy for protected micro mobility lanes

  • Work with public transit to help riders who have a few more miles to go between transit stops and their final destinations get there easily

Lyft’s commitment to sustainability extends from our offices to the communities we serve. This past year, we offset over a million metric tons of carbon, making Lyft a fully carbon neutral company. As a part of our campaign, we will continue to build local partnerships with cities and transit agencies to improve first/last mile connectivity and suburban mobility.  

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