Launching Language Learning Tools for Drivers Via Duolingo and the National Immigration Forum

Launching Language Learning Tools for Drivers Via Duolingo and the National Immigration Forum

At Lyft, we believe in the power of sharing the ride. Sharing the ride isn't just about two people (or more) in a car together, it's about the ability of those people to connect, laugh, tell stories, and share experiences. And, language not only breaks down barriers to communication, it also breaks down barriers to education and professional development opportunities.

Today, we're launching a new program as part of our Driver Services program, designed to give drivers the tools they need to communicate whether they're inside or outside of the car. Through partnerships with Duolingo, the most popular language-learning platform, and the National Immigration Forum, one of the nation’s premier immigration policy organizations, drivers across six markets will have access to free language learning tools, plus the option to earn an English proficiency certification by taking the Duolingo English Test for free.

We know that thousands of drivers are looking for opportunities to take their English proficiency to the next level. Enrique in Miami has told us that having access to flexible resources to learn English can open doors to new careers and education opportunities. Now he can sign up for free access to Duolingo Plus*, and take a free Duolingo English Test, which can help him get ahead in his quest for future career possibilities.

For drivers like Victor in Chicago, who is looking to improve his overall language skills, not only can he sign up for Duolingo Plus he can also take part in the National Immigration Forum’s blended learning option, “Skills and Opportunity for the New American Workforce.” It’s a combination of in-person classes and an online platform. Drivers will learn from accredited community college instructors who are experts in English language learning. At the end of the 6-week course, drivers are awarded certificates of completion.

Through our partnership with Duolingo and the Forum, our goal is that Lyft is a stepping stone — not a stop gap — when it comes to improving people’s lives on and off the road. We hope that after drivers complete their certifications in language proficiency, or learn another language other than English, they can boost their performance as a driver, apply for additional learning opportunities, and simply be able to connect with more people.

Cities included in the program listed below:

  • Seattle: Duolingo and The Forum

  • Houston: Duolingo and The Forum

  • Chicago: Duolingo and The Forum

  • Miami: Duolingo only

  • New York City: Duolingo only

  • New Jersey: Duolingo only

*includes offline access, progress quizzes and no ads, in addition to a digital certification in English that can be used as proof of English proficiency to apply to other jobs

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