Lyft relaunches Wheels for All Grants: Now with 40 cities and up to $500,000 in free or discounted rides

Lyft relaunches Wheels for All Grants: Now with 40 cities and up to $500,000 in free or discounted rides

Lack of transportation access is a major economic and social barrier for millions of people across the country. Getting to a job interview, a healthcare appointment, or even a trip to the grocery store, are all contingent on reliable transportation. 

That’s why we’re expanding Lyft’s Wheels for All Grants program (formerly known as Lyft Community Grants) to 40 cities, including Detroit, Honolulu, Philadelphia and Phoenix. And we’re committing  $500,000 per year to grassroots nonprofit organizations to help bridge transportation gaps for individuals and families in their communities. 

We first launched this program in January 2018, inviting nonprofit groups across 20 cities to apply for a $1,000 grant in the form of Lyft ride credits. As a result, thousands of rides were dispatched to over 70 nonprofits that needed it most. 

Going forward, nonprofits will be awarded Wheels for All Grants on a quarterly basis, with recipients determined by a local committee made up of Lyft employees and representatives from the Driver Advisory Council. This partnership of employees and drivers ensures we’re giving back to the community the best way we can -- keeping in mind that the transportation issues affecting these communities are as unique and diverse as the people that make them up. 

So far, Wheels for All Grants have been awarded to a breadth of nonprofits across industries -- such as the Museum of Jewish Heritage, National Mental Health Association of Georgia and Women's Resource Center to End Domestic Violence. We are excited to expand this program and for the work that’s to come with local nonprofits that are building stronger, healthier and more equitable communities at the grassroots level.

Lyft’s Wheels for All Grants is just one part of Lyft City Works, our commitment to deploy 1% of profits or $50 million every year (whichever is greater) to make cities better places to live.

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