4 Keys to Turning Your Dream into a Reality

4 Keys to Turning Your Dream into a Reality

When Fresno resident Brittney first met her husband eleven years ago, she recognized their shared vision almost instantly. “I’ve always wanted to help the hungry, and Tom’s always had a passion for growing and giving food,” Brittney recalls. Since then, they’ve locked in on that dream—starting an operation that grows and donates food to those in need—and have been laser-focused on turning it into a reality.

To fund what they call “the bigger picture,” both Brittney and Tom opened Etsy shops based on their interests. Brittney’s always had a talent for crafting, so she began selling custom party supplies in her popular shop TheSweeetLife. Meanwhile, Tom’s green thumb led him to open TomsTropicals, where people from all over the world purchase his exotic plants.

The dynamic duo’s Etsy earnings pay their bills, but both Brittney and Tom also drive with Lyft to save a little extra. Together, they’re doing what they love while working toward their nonprofit goal. We asked Brittney for her best advice for aspiring entrepreneurs:

  • Do the math. When they decided to open shops on Etsy, Brittney and Tom had financial targets in mind, and figured out exactly what they’d need to do to hit them.
  • Jump in and commit. If you’ve truly got a passion, go all in. “Keep moving toward what makes you excited.”
  • Don’t be afraid of no. “People will tell you no and it’s okay! It might take 100 no’s to get one yes, but it will happen.”
  • Learn from others. “Driving with Lyft allows me to meet so many people, so many potential customers,” Brittney says. Whether it’s chatting with a passenger or brushing up on industry news, she’s always learning.

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