Feeling Grateful Since Day 1: $500 Million in Driver Tips

Feeling Grateful Since Day 1: $500 Million in Driver Tips

Less than a year ago, we celebrated a big milestone: Over a quarter of a billion dollars in tips had been received by Lyft drivers (as well as a few donuts and even a snare drum). Today, the community has reached an even bigger one: $500 million in tips that help our drivers get closer to their goals.

We know that all our drivers are earning to reach important personal milestones, and we want to help them get there. Many of our community members are driving with Lyft to power their ability to follow their personal passions such as music. In honor of our $500 million tipping milestone, we celebrated a few drivers with an extra special tip: music advice from Demi Lovato, VIP tickets to her show in Miami, and studio recording time.

The Lyft community has been powered by gratitude between passengers and drivers from very beginning. As our community has grown, so have our tips. More than half of all tips were given in 2017 alone. And while it took four years to reach $100 million in tips, the last $100 million were received in just four months. After we made it even easier for passengers to say thank you, the tip average increased by nearly 8% in 2017.

Since day one, tipping has been one of the important ways passengers show their appreciation for everything our drivers do. Whether it’s sharing good stories, playing great music, or helping passengers get to their destinations on time, Lyft drivers consistently go the extra mile to make passengers’ days a little brighter. Today (and every day), we’re extra grateful for the generosity of every member of the Lyft community.

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