Tweet to Keep Miami Rides at 50% Off

Tweet to Keep Miami Rides at 50% Off

Fire up your tweetmobiles and make some noise. We’re changing the game so Miami can keep riding for 50% off. Today, you’ve got a choice: Let your half-off discount end today, as scheduled. Or, tweet to unlock 50% off weekday rides for the next two weeks. 

Tweet #50OffLyftMIA by midnight Saturday, and you’ll get two more weeks of 50% off rides from 5 a.m. Mon - 5 p.m. Fri (max 10 rides). If we hit 5,000 tweets, the deal is unlocked for all of Miami and South Florida!

The verdict will be announced via email and this blog post on Sunday. Tweet fast. The countdown starts now.


Tweet This for 50% Off


#50OffLyftMIA Counter

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If unlocked, promotion extended to 5:00 p.m. EDT 10/16/2015. Only valid for rides in the Miami coverage area. Max $25 off per ride. Cannot be combined with other ride credit. Subject to Lyft’s Terms of Service.



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