5 Ways Lyft Makes Your Game Day Better

5 Ways Lyft Makes Your Game Day Better

Fall is in full swing, which can only mean one thing: football season is here. Whether you prefer to cheer on your team at the stadium or the sports bar, and whether you’re in it for the sport or the snacks, riding with Lyft will make your game day feel like a win.

Here's how:

  1. Ditch parking. No one wants to spend the first quarter circling the block, or weaving between rows of cars looking for a spot. Simply request a ride with Lyft, and make searching for parking — and paying for it — a thing of the past.

  2. Always have a DD. Fall’s hottest couple: football and beer. They go hand-in-hand, which used to mean choosing between indulging and getting home safely. Not anymore.

  3. Take time for the important things. Need to make some last-minute subs in your fantasy lineup? Sit back, relax, and check on your team en route to the game. Who knows — your Lyft driver may even make an excellent assistant manager.

  4. Get in and out of the stadium in a flash. With exact pickup and dropoff points now at select venues nationwide, there’s no wading through crowds or playing telephone tag to find your ride. Just select the door or location right in the app for a seamless getaway.

  5. Stay safe and warm. There are two things that are inevitable with fall: shorter days and colder weather. Rather than walking home at night or waiting outside in the cold, take Lyft for a door-to-door ride in minutes. Besides, celebrating victory — or wallowing in defeat — is better when you share the ride.

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