NYC, Keep the Party Going with $8 Lyft Lines [Update: Last Week]

NYC, Keep the Party Going with $8 Lyft Lines [Update: Last Week]

UPDATE (9/23/15) — Last chance for $8 Lyft Lines! Our $8 special ends next Thursday — but that isn’t the end of our discount zones. Starting 5 p.m. Oct. 29, we’re refreshing the zone with a new discount: Lyft Lines that are always 50% less than original Lyft.

We’re changing the rules so you can keep riding for less than everyone else in NYC. 

Instead of just letting the city’s $5 Lyft Line zones end today, we felt there had to be a way to keep the party going. We crunched the numbers. We reexamined our maps. We looked to the sky for hidden messages from the blood moon. We wanted to offer the most coverage for the lowest price, for as long as possible. Then, we found it. 

For a limited time, you’ve got $8 Lyft Lines in the same areas of Manhattan and Brooklyn. They’re the same discount zones, so you can ride from as far as Greenpoint to Red Hook for only $8. 

Don’t miss out — these prices are for a limited time only!

Limited time only. Valid for Lyft Line rides only. $8 price for one rider and $1 for an additional rider. Brooklyn rides must originate and end within qualifying Brooklyn $8 zone. See the app for qualifying Brooklyn rides. Manhattan rides must originate and end in Manhattan south of 97th Street. Does not apply to cross-borough rides. Subject to Lyft’s Terms of Service.

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