Need a Ride to the Airport? Lyft’s Got You

Need a Ride to the Airport? Lyft’s Got You

Think back to the tough times when ridesharing wasn’t a thing. If you needed a lift to or from the airport and didn’t have a ride, your only options were an expensive taxi, a cramped shuttle service, or slow public transit. Ugh, right? Thankfully, we’re no longer in those dark ages because Lyft has created an affordable and hassle-free alternative.

Here are six reasons to ride with Lyft when you’re catching your next flight:

1. Save Time and Money

There’s no reservation or appointment required — just open the Lyft app to request a ride when you have your bags in hand. It’s just that fast. You can save money by riding Lyft Line with people who are headed that way. (Bonus tip: You can save even more once you’ve landed in certain cities by skipping the rental car line and riding with Lyft to your hotel.)

2. Ease Preflight Jitters

If you get anxious before flying, distractions are always helpful. During your Lyft ride to the airport, load your phone with your favorite tunes, podcasts, and TV shows. That way, you’ll have something to do during your flight. Your Lyft driver may even have some great music recommendations — it never hurts to ask!

3. Get Plenty of Space for Luggage and Your Group

Taking a vacation with the whole family? Packed a few too many bags because you couldn’t decide what to wear? With Lyft Plus, a bigger vehicle arrives at your door. Up to six passengers can ride together, and there’s room for extra luggage.

4. Avoid Wrangling a Parking Spot

Between preflight jitters, making it through security, toting luggage around, and finding your gate, there’s already so much to think about that causes room for error — and nobody has time for that. Don’t add trying to remember where you parked (and paying for it).

5. Make Pickup and Drop-Off Easy

Follow along right in the app. When requesting a ride, you can see where drivers are in real-time. And once you get picked up, you can get an ETA and view the driver’s route to your destination. When you get dropped off, just get your stuff and go. All that’s left is to leave an optional tip and rate your driver when you have a moment to spare.

6. Simplify Your Travel Expenses

Business travelers know the pain of keeping track of receipts. It’s so easy to misplace those tiny pieces of paper, and it’s frustrating when you can’t even use your corporate card. Luckily, Lyft takes the worry out of both. Lyft Business Profiles make it simple to track rides you take for work. And toggling between personal and business profiles makes switching payment forms a breeze.

If your company partners with Lyft, you can also automatically send your Lyft receipts to Concur.

Sign up with Lyft and make it your personal airport shuttle service. 

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