Announcing the Dispatch Developer Program

Announcing the Dispatch Developer Program

At Lyft, one of our core tenets is to uplift others. That holds especially true with our developer community. Since the inception of our Developer Platform last year, we’ve worked to provide the best APIs and SDKs to uplift external developers to leverage our on-demand transportation network. We’ve seen great examples of integrations since—from Facebook Messenger to Google Maps—that surface the Lyft experience through 3rd-party applications, making it easier for Lyft users to request rides beyond the Lyft app.

Building upon this success, we’re very excited to announce the launch of our new Dispatch Developer Program. This program is centered around providing developers greater flexibility in integrating with Lyft by giving them the ability to request on-demand and scheduled rides without their customers requiring a smartphone or a Lyft account. Dispatch reduces signup friction and enables a developer to completely own the passenger experience. Partners can set up their own billing and notification systems tailored to their user experience.

Dispatch is already being used across many verticals that have critical transportation needs - with a focus on safe, fast, and reliable rides. For instance, we’re working with partners who are providing solutions to car dealerships who want to provide courtesy rides for customers while their vehicles are in service.

Other partners include One Call Care Management and LogistiCare, who provide healthcare transportation service to those who are otherwise unable to drive or transport themselves. With Dispatch, the possibilities are endless; like One Call Care Management and LogistiCare, your customers don’t require a smartphone or the Lyft app to get around.

If you’ve used our Ride Request APIs before, then Dispatch will be familiar. Instead of relying on the customer setting up payment with Lyft, we’ll bill your business directly. You can choose how to best pass on the cost back to your customers, giving you the flexibility to tailor the user experience according to your own business.

Interested in joining the Dispatch Developer Program? Check out our Dispatch Product Page to learn more and sign up. Dispatch is currently in a closed beta for limited partners, but will be open to the public developer community soon.

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