Autonomous Ride Hailing Has Departed

Autonomous Ride Hailing Has Departed

As you may know by now, we like to dip our toes into mischief sometimes. Mono was born as a fun way to celebrate April Fool’s Day — and while we’re glad you were into it, it’s not actually a real product.

You’ll be the first to know if that changes, though. And you can rest assured we’re still laser-focused on leveraging technology to help shape the future of transportation.

We take pride in our app being one of the most intuitive on the market. But sometimes even the simple things can be simplified. What takes a few taps should take only take one. Or maybe even none.

With our newest product, Mono, you can go ahead and keep your phone in your pocket. The nifty device connects to the app and frees you from your screen: In other words, you’re hailing a ride autonomous of your phone. Just raise your hand to request a Lyft.

How It Works



POWER ON - Illuminates


MATCHED - Blinks

EN ROUTE - Blinks rapidly



Mono is handmade in the USA with a powerful in-device processor and lithium ion battery. Together with the Lyft API, a customized micro-controller tracks your movement to summon a nearby driver. Translation: Requesting a ride is as simple as raising your hand.

With Mono, we want to make the entire ridesharing process as seamless as possible, whether you’re a bellman who can’t whistle or a mom with her hands full; a nudist who needs a ride or a millennial who just can’t even. Forget about screens, taps, and notifications. Just lift, request, and ride.

Limited Release Coming Soon

Mono, the only autonomous ride hailing device, will be available starting mid-April. Add your name to the waitlist and get the details on the future of ridesharing at

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