Boston, Meet Lyft Line (And $7 Rides) [Update: Last Week]

Boston, Meet Lyft Line (And $7 Rides) [Update: Last Week]

UPDATE (9/23/15) — Last chance for $7 capped Lyft Lines! Our $7 city launch special ends next Thursday — but the savings keep going. Starting 5 p.m. Oct. 29, we’re refreshing the zone with a new deal: Lyft Lines that are always 50% less than original Lyft.

Big news, Boston! Introducing Lyft Line, a new, wicked affordable way to ride around town, now live in the Lyft app. To celebrate launch, we’ve created a giant $7 zone in and around Boston where all Line rides are $7 or less for a limited time. How do ya like them apples?

Between school being back in session and the temperature starting to drop, we could tell Boston needed a new, super-affordable ride. Lyft Line is a new way to ride that matches you with others going the same way for a lower price. Just slide into ‘Line’ mode in the app to request your first shared ride. Even if you don’t match with another rider, the price stays fixed and will always be less than original Lyft. Pretty awesome, right?

Ride for $7 or Less

Say goodbye to surges. Come rain, sleet, snow, or sporting events, you can ride for $7 or less anywhere within the big zone on the map above. Allston to Downtown? $7 or less. Harvard to the North End? $7 or less. It’s pretty much a game changer for getting across town. Just make sure your Lyft Line starts and ends within the zone.

How Lyft Line Works

Slide into Line mode and request a ride.

Get Matched
Share the ride and the cost with others headed the same way.

Wherever you’re headed, your Line will take you door-to-door.

Now you know the most affordable way to get around Boston. Get your friends in on $7 Lyft Line rides, and we’ll see you on the road.

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