Boston: Pro Tips for Moving Day on September 1

Boston: Pro Tips for Moving Day on September 1

Moving on September 1? You’re not alone! Nearly 70% of apartment leases in Boston begin on what might be the least fun holiday of the year — “Moving Day.” Starting on the last few days in August, expect to see thousands of trucks, vans, and cars lining the streets of Boston as folks move into their new homes. Luckily, we here at Lyft have done it before, and have tips, tricks, and ride discounts to make your moving experience as smooth as possible. All you’ll have to worry about it getting your couch up to your third floor walk-up.

1. Don’t Get "Storrowed”

Perhaps our most important tip: don’t drive a moving truck onto Storrow Drive. The clearance is 10’, which is too short for most trucks. This mistake is such a common occurrence for movers in Boston that there is a term for it: “getting Storrowed.” Several people will likely get stuck under a bridge on moving day — but it won’t be you! Plan a different route.

2. Pickup & Drop-Off

Another moving pro-tip is to take a Lyft ride to pick up your moving truck. That way, you can keep your car with you for the day for extra storage space. You don’t want to put that your best heirloom (er, Ikea) lamp in the van, do you?

Use code MOVINGDAY17 for $10 off one ride to or from a moving truck pick up location in Boston on September 1. See terms and conditions for eligible locations.

3. Allston Christmas

As many Boston residents leave their apartments on September 1, they often leave furniture behind on the streets. Bostonians call this “Allston Christmas.” Pro of Allston Christmas is it is usually all free. Con is there is usually a reason it is being left behind.

If you do find a gift worth taking this Allston Christmas, make sure it’s clean first! And then grab a Lyft Plus for a little extra space transporting it home.

4. Street Occupancy Permit

However you’re planning to move, obtaining a street occupancy permit from the city of Boston will guarantee you curb space for your van on move-in day. That is, unless someone takes your spot anyway. 

5. Thank Those Helping You!

Nobody enjoys spending their day lifting heavy boxes or trying to make a box spring fit up a staircase. Thank those who took time to help you whether it is family or friends, with a Lyft gift card. Purchase here.

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