Boston: 10 Tips for the Best Summer Ever

Boston: 10 Tips for the Best Summer Ever

From saving up for that dream vacation to just connecting with your city, the reasons you choose to drive and ride with Lyft are as unique as you are. We’re celebrating drivers and passengers from the Lyft community by sharing their reasons for choosing Lyft. Head to to see more stories, and to share your own.

Boston vocalist and pianist Amanda loves bringing people together through music. But when she started driving with Lyft, she discovered a new way to connect. “I learn so much from my passengers,” she says. “You never know who that next passenger is going to be and what interesting lives they have.”

Amanda started driving as something to do between concerts, and has since met countless people who inspire her, on and off the stage. “Once I picked up two couples who were on their way to an event, and we had such a fun ride that I almost clocked out and joined them,” Amanda says. “I invited them to my concert the next evening, and when they showed up they couldn’t believe their Lyft driver was signing autographs!”

In between shows, Amanda loves exploring the city. “It’s such a special place that has a town mentality, and [there’s] so much to do,” she says. Here are Amanda’s must-dos for summer in Boston:

  1. Grab a late-night cappuccino and cannoli in the North End. And if you can, catch St. Anthony’s Feast there.
  2. Don’t be shy: Try a Duck Tour! It’s a great way to get a land and water perspective of Boston and enjoy a clever and comic spin on the city and its history.
  3. Spend the day (or night) at Faneuil Hall, perusing the cool shops and sampling some of the great pizza and microbrewed beer.
  4. Take a stroll or sit outdoors at the patios and decks at many of the waterfront venues.   
  5. Catch a free concert on City Hall Plaza.
  6. Go see the Blue Man Group at the Charles Playhouse.
  7. Take a cruise around the Boston Harbor Islands.
  8. Sip on martinis at the Top of the Hub, where they have great jazz and a spectacular high-rise view of the city.
  9. Bike or run along the Charles River.
  10. Celebrate July Fourthon the Esplanade at the Hatch Shell with your picnic basket. Enjoy the Boston Pops Orchestra Fireworks Spectacular along with hundreds of thousands of fans.

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