Lyft Launches Ridesharing Program in Boulder

Lyft Launches Ridesharing Program in Boulder

For the residents of Boulder, going downtown during the holidays often means the annual ritual of circling packed parking lots and waiting in line for a spot. This holiday season promises to be different: we’re teaming up with The City of Boulder, Downtown Boulder Partnership, Rocky Mountain Institute, and Commutifi to provide Boulder residents a better downtown shopping experience.

From November 25th through New Year’s Day, riders can enjoy $25 in Lyft ride credit to get to and from downtown Boulder. Riders can redeem up to 5 Lyft credits, worth $5 each, for any ride that ends in downtown Boulder between 11 a.m. and 9 p.m. To participate, riders can redeem credits on the Door to Downtown website.

And to help holiday shoppers get home, a number of downtown businesses are offering an additional $5 ride credit to anyone who spends more than $50 in their stores or restaurants. Shoppers can find a list of participating businesses on the Door to Downtown website.

D2D Boulder Holiday Zone

We’re proud to partner with the City of Boulder and Rocky Mountain Institute, a leading energy and resource efficiency organization on this first-of-its kind program to reduce downtown parking congestion through ridesharing. Our work together this holiday season is just the beginning – we’re excited to continue transforming the downtown experience for the residents of Boulder. Since our founding, we’ve been committed to providing the world’s best transportation, and we view this year’s holiday ridesharing program as the first step towards a future for Boulder that’s less dominated by parking lots, and parking lines. 

In too many cities across the country, parking congestion makes getting to and from downtown an expensive and time-consuming hassle. Ridesharing can alleviate strained parking resources by rewarding residents for leaving their cars at home, or deciding not to own cars at all. Our partnership with the City of Boulder reflects our vision of a future in which cities are designed for people, not cars. One where we prioritize green space over asphalt, and we build community gathering places instead of parking structures. 

This holiday season, we’re thankful for the opportunity to work with the City of Boulder and Downtown Boulder Partnership to pioneer new ridesharing solutions, and we look forward to discovering new applications of ridesharing across the city. We welcome the opportunity to work with employers to reward employees for choosing ridesharing to get to work, restaurants and bars to subsidize safe-ride home programs, and local businesses to bring more shoppers to their stores.

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