The Team Behind Camoji Joins Lyft

The Team Behind Camoji Joins Lyft

Every day, the engineers, designers, and scientists at Lyft build new ways to delight passengers and empower drivers through technology. To accelerate our efforts, we’re thrilled to announce we have acquired Camoji to bring their team’s unparalleled experience in social technology and user experience to continue upleveling the Lyft experience for all users. 

Carlos Whitt, Austin Broyles, and Jisi Guo are top-tier engineering and design talent that were previously instrumental in building Google Mobile Maps, implementing Square’s mobile payments system with Starbucks, and most recently launching the social photo platform Camoji. 

Lyft is working on solving some of today’s most complex problems. Whether it’s building Lyft Line to reconnect people and communities and reduce traffic congestion, adding features to help drivers monitor their earnings realtime, or ensuring the most efficient matches on the road – our team is innovating faster than ever before, and than anyone else in the industry. 

We’re still hiring – if you’re interested in joining Carlos, Austin, Jisi, and the team, drop us a line!

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