Car Share Etiquette: Tips for Making the Most of Your Lyft Line Ride

Car Share Etiquette: Tips for Making the Most of Your Lyft Line Ride

When you share a ride with Lyft Line, you save a few bucks and hopefully share some laughs. And when you step out of your ride, you may even have a few new contacts in your phone.

With Lyft Line, your driver picks up fellow passengers along the way. That means sharing the car with others. Nervous much? Don’t be. Here’s some simple etiquette to help:

Make Pick-Up Easy

If you’re waiting for your Lyft Line in a crowd, consider walking down the block so your driver can spot you easily. Your fellow passengers will appreciate your courtesy.

Go Easy With the Icebreakers

Starting a friendly conversation can be a great way to break the ice with passengers, but remember to keep it light. Ask about their favorite things to do in the area or recommendations on fun weekend spots.

Clean Up When You’re Done

Your Lyft driver has provided you with a clean, safe ride. If you had a snack or finished your water bottle, grab the trash on your way out of the car.

Text Now, Call Later

Everyone in the car is enjoying light conversation. Don’t spoil this moment by yelling to Grandma on the phone. Text a quick “I’LL CALL YOU LATER” and turn your attention to your lovely ridesharing companions.

Fuel for the Road

A couple of snacks for the ride are always welcome — and the easier they are to share, the better. Avoid foods that people are commonly allergic to, like nuts.

Leave a Review

Don’t just tell your friends about your positive experience — tell the world. Leave an honest review about all of the great things that happened during your ride. If you’re over the moon about your experience, consider leaving a tip.

Share your ride with people going the same way, and pay less, with Lyft Line. Sign up for a Lyft Line ride.

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